The Cruso Endowment

About The Fund

This fund supports charitable causes in the geographic area of eastern Haywood County, defined as the area now encompassed by the Pisgah High School district of the Haywood County Consolidated School System.

This Endowment was established by David and Irene Smathers and is devoted to the following charitable interests in eastern Haywood County: the support of programs and organizations serving the economically disadvantaged; the support of church building projects; the support of beautification and appearance projects and programs for the Town of Canton; and the support of recreation needs for the Town of Canton.

Gifts may be made in many forms, and gifts of all sizes are most welcome!

To read more about the history of the endowment and its founders David and Irene Smathers click here.

How can you support the cruso endowment

You can ensure the continuation of our mission in many ways: your gift or pledge to the fund; your gifts in memory or in honor of friends and family; or your thoughtfully planned bequest. All contributions support support our goal to build a strong endowment for the future. All gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law. Some types of gifts for you to consider include:
Cash Gifts
The simplest and most convenient way to support the fund is through cash gifts, usually made by check or credit card.
Securities Or Real Estate
Gifts of appreciated securities and real property may provide tax advantages to donors. Please contact the NCCF for more information about this type of gift.
Wills Or Bequests
A donor can specify that assets be given to the Cruso Endowment, thereby achieving a lasting purpose and reducing the taxable portion of an estate.
Life Insurance
The Cruso Endowment may be named as the owner and beneficiary of a previously existing or new life insurance policy.
Retirement Plan Assets
Assets held in qualified retirement plans or individual retirement accounts (IRAs) may be contributed to charity.
Charitable Trusts
Certain charitable trust may deliver important advantages in financial and estate planning and enable charitable gifts to the fund.
To give online
To make an online gift, please click the donate button below. Or visit and select the Give Now button. Scroll to “Give to a Specific Fund” and click “Give Now”. Locate “The Cruso Endowment” and click “Give to this Fund”.

The Cruso Endowment is invested in and administered through the North Carolina Community Foundation

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